Fractional CxO Services

Fractional CMO for Marketing

We help companies design and deliver a B2C or B2B marketing strategy, from content and SEO to digital advertising. We help you drive revenue for your business.

Fractional COO for Operations

Our team has deep expertise as operating executives for startups and large business units. We can bring that expertise to help you find inefficiencies and people.

Fractional CSO
for Strategy

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Our C-level experience will help you put together the dashboards to determine what’s working, what’s not, and how to adjust.

Fractional CRO
for Revenue and Sales

We can help you on the sales operations side by helping you determine your funnel process, select the CRM to best suit your needs, and even outreach to customers.

Fractional CFO
for Finance

Our extremely talented fractional CFOs are adept at handling complex financial transactions, structuring debt, company accounting, and representing this to investors.

for Product

We have expertise in end-to-end-product management. We can run customer research programs, analyze the data, and help you craft your ultimate product roadmap.


Industry Expertise / Industries We Serve:

  • Online/Consumer
  • Tech Hardware
  • SaaS
  • Finance and FinTech
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Automotive and EV
  • B2B Commerce

From Startup to Growth Stage

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